Predicting the Future - Squadda B talks plans for Green Ova

Words by Austin Adams @dub_ay

Main Attrakionz’s Squadda B recently took to Instagram to share a glimpse of the future of Green Ova

Mysterious East Bay artist Squadda B, best known as part of the Main Attrakionz duo, has been teasing and promising new music from his Green Ova collective for a long time now.

In my interview with Squadda B last year, he repeatedly mentioned Green Ova, speaking about the different chapters of the clique, the different artists involved, as well as a number of different projects and ideas.

I came away from this chat knowing the group was multi-layered and had big plans, however I had no concrete definition of what Green Ova was really about, or what exactly they were scheming up.

When Green Ova South (Squadda B, PepperBoy, and Young God) dropped their stellar ‘Kome Ride With Us last summer, I reconnected with Squadda to talk about the project. During this, he hinted that a collaboration between the entire collective would be happening in the not-too-distant future.

The idea of this was extremely exciting, based off the strength of ‘Kome Ride With Us‘ alone, I was sure that any Green Ova group project would be a hit.

Fast forward to President’s Day 2017, and with the day off work and no plans, I’m half-way through twisting up a morning spliff when I see an Instagram notification pop up on my phone, reading ‘Squadda B is Live – Green Ova Predictions’.

Eager to find out about the future of the group, I grabbed my notebook and tapped into the live stream.

Squadda B wasted no time getting things popping, beginning the stream with a live rendition of one of his unreleased slaps. The new track featured Squadda’s signature atmospheric style, but seemed sharper than some previous efforts, with rapid hats, and an onslaught of heavy, non-stop bars.

Squadda B and his crystal ball predict the future of GreenOva

This was all being delivered in front of Squadda’s crystal ball, while the rapper was fully kitted out in complete fortune tellers uniform – cap, crystals and all.

From there, Squadda B channeled the crystal ball’s energy, and declared bold predictions of new music, new visuals, and new key players being added to his collective.

He then introduced a bass player and producer he’s recently begun working with, and shared a brief snippet of what they’d been cooking up together.

In the next portion of the stream, Squadda wanted to do something for the fans – who he’d profoundly thanked just moments before.

To show his appreciation, he shared an unreleased song featuring a certain Atlanta superstar you may have heard of – Gucci Mane. Yes, that’s right, Gucci Mane.

The track was leftover from Main Attrakionz’s ‘Superstitious ft. Gucci Mane’ which featured on their 2012 album ‘Bossalinis & Fooliyones.

While everyone was riveted by the verse, Squadda eased into a fan Q & A. Questions regarding the different collaborators and unreleased songs sprung into the comments, and Squadda took the time to acknowledge each and every one.

After a mention of the iconic Bay Area production duo Friendzone came up, Squadda urged a profound moment of silence. James Laurence, one half of the duo, had recently passed away and it was a sincere way to honor the artist among fans and peers.

The live stream was certainly an enjoyable and entertaining time, but I could sense something deeper was at work here.

Squadda reached high levels of notoriety with Main Attrakionz in the early years of digital hip-hop, but has been experiencing a large, drawn-out transition since these times.

Squadda made so much meaningful music as part of the wider Main Attrakionz’s collaborative group, drawing from the friendship and energy of those around them, and GreenOva seeks to do just that once again, on a different platform.

The live stream predictions truly showed that Squadda B is finished with his transitional period, and is ready to continue creating at a high level.

Although Squadda has never really stopped making music, he has managed to realign himself with a crew of talented and inspiring fellow artists, who are all on the same page and are ready to get to work.

Squadda does it for the sufferers, the hustlers, the dreamers – he himself is all these things, and GreenOva really feels like a musical dream that Squadda wants to turn into a reality.

You can see it in the stars, Squadda’s predictions seem sure to come true at any moment – be on the look out to see what manifests from these predictions!

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